School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences

Community Culture and Mental Health Unit

This Unit aims to improve the mental health of individuals and communities.

It does this through clinical duties, quality training and advanced research, and the accompanying dissemination of evidence-based health information to consumers, carers and service-providers and decision-makers.

Research areas

Our research aims for a better understanding of mental health from a holistic perspective in:

  • Psychiatric epidemiology
  • Cross-cultural psychiatry and Aboriginal mental health
  • Primary-care Psychiatry and liaison activities with general practice
  • Mental health service evaluation
  • Community psychiatry, including remote and rural mental health
  • Psychopathology of trauma and mental health of migrants and refugees
  • International mental health, which is supported by committed associations with the World Psychiatric Association, World Health Organization and a range of other international institutions.


Some of our current research projects:

Other projects and research conducted by the group

  • Training in methods and instruments suitable for evaluation of community psychiatric rehabilitation programs in Western Australia
  • Survey of metabolic monitoring of patients with mental illness: Fremantle Hospital mental health staff
  • Development and evaluation of the telepsychiatry educational program on diagnosis, assessment and management of mental disorders
  • Effects of aromatherapy inhalation on anxiety and depression and weight regain in obesity
  • Evaluating the mental health of adult refugee migrants recently arrived in Western Australia
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of a collaborative specialist Early Intervention in Psychosis Service model in a real world setting
  • Development of a culturally appropriate approach to Aboriginal mental health problems
  • Cross-cultural adaptation of the Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (SCAN)
  • An anthropological approach to psychotic phenomena in African-Australians
  • Assessing the burden of mental illness in rural Australia
  • Somatoform disorders in Australia: prevalence, comorbidity, disability and pathways to care
  • Genetic epidemiology of personality traits and vulnerability factors in mental disorders
  • Physical health aspects of chronic and severe mental disorders
  • Social functioning and Continuity of Life in patients with chronic mental disorders
  • Psychosocial health of conflict affected populations
  • National Cultural Competency Tool (NCCT) for Mental Health Services
  • WHO/WFN survey of neurological services
  • WHO international study of schizophrenia
  • WHO report on neurological disorders in a global public health perspective
  • WHO international study of somatoform disorders

School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences

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